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Ad Age lists women to watch by pants worn, kids made & world travels. In 2013.

Look. I appreciate when women good at their jobs get the kudos they deserve, and I know there's a lot of people out there who should be getting more kudos and high-fives than they do. Congrats Anna Banks, at Organic, good on ya Sally Grimes at Hillshire, way to go Leeann Leahy at VIA, well done to the rest of you ladies as well.

But when Adage lists the 2013 Women to Watch, not only as a separate list specified on gender alone and not job type like "CEO's to watch" or "Entrepreneurs to watch", but also with cutesy little icons listing how many kids they have and if they wear pants or not... My eyes reflective check the headline again. Yes it did say 2013. Yes they are serious. Yes we're listing "owns a dog/fish" and "has traveled the world" in the icons too, I'm surprised we're not listing whether they like long walks on the beach and romantic comedies.

So lets find out what these women to watch are doing that makes them so special, shall we? Well Laura Miele EA games has a magic focus group at home - her eight year old twins - and wears jeans at the office when they fit. I'm just going to assume she means when they're appropriate. Since she's making games (I'm also assuming aimed at the kid demo) mentioning her kids in the opening paragraph might not be that odd, but do we really care if she wears jeans at the office? Does she wear a black turtleneck, white sneakers with it too, and hold long keynote speeches? Why are we mentioning her dress code? Is she in constant plaid flannel shirts since 1974? Does she ever wear a matching meat hat and dress? No? Ok then, lets agree on this, if we're not talking about Steve Jobs, George Lucas or Lady Gaga, the readers (us) just don't care what they wear.

I do care about that powerful forecasting, analytics and consumer feedback system Laura Miele pioneered though. Next time you get her on the horn, dear Adage, mind asking her about that?

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Not sure what the cute icons are for. Hey, lookie here -- Adage Women to Watch 2014; new layout, Ugh.