Ad agency 358: So cold we ski to the Monday morning meetings in Helsinki

Having seen the hot summer BBQ chops and chilled beer commercial for Australia day and the Meat and Livestock Association, ad agency 358in Helsinki, Finland and their creative director Ale Lauréus responded in an extremely Finnish way.

"In 358 we head to meetings by skiing."

Ho-kay, I got no comeback to that. I must say, that looks like a lovely commute, to be honest, and you won't need to hit the gym as often. Here's Ale skiing to work in the masses of snow as Finland is currently busy trying to break every cold temperature record they have. Kippis you crazy finns, I salute you with my Swedish vodka as you ponder juoksentelisinkohan?You're my kind of nutty neighbour, love you to bits.

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I really want to ski to work

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Maybe 358 should hire you?