Ad Blockers kill Hillary Clinton's donations page

Today has been a day of discussing ad blockers, and here's yet another story on ad blocking side effects. Hillary Clinton's donation page simply does not work when you surf it wearing le internet condom. This isn't the first time ad blockers have blindly blocked things that are not ads, and it won't be the last. Norton Internet Security used to block this entire website due to our domain, while allowing Apple Inc to buy their way off the blocklist. Now defunkt FiltersetG Adblock add-on and Privoxyalso blocked all of Adland due to our domain. The issue with unintelligent internet security programs that filter on rulesets such as "ad*", "ad-" or more complicated "ad", followed by a non-alpha non-digit" is that they will have false positives, and they do allow for (paid for) exceptions. When IOS9 ad block creator Marco Arment talked about "a more nuanced" approach, he was fully aware of how ad blockers can only be so smart.

This might be the funniest accidental ad block yet.

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