Ad Council "Hot Coals" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

In this spot for fire prevention Smokey Bear is given the David Attenborough treatment, and is observed like a magnificently wondrous creature from nature, in his natural habitat, performing his usual behavior of teaching people how to prevent forest fires. Of course the bearded hipster has to ruin it all by throwing a Frisbee at him, proving once again that hipsters ruin everything.

Michele Hillman Ad Council – Head of Campaign Development
Amy Gibson-Grant Ad Council – VP Campaign Development
Allyse Depenbrock Ad Council – Campaign Director
Conor Toomey Ad Council – Assistant Campaign Manager
Gwen Beavans USFS – National Wildfire Prevention Program Manager
Barb Geringer-Franier USFS – Fire Prevention, Mitigation & Education Program Manager

FCB West
Karin Onsager-Birch Chief Creative Officer
Mike Long SVP, Group Creative Director
Drew Meiser Art Director
Frank Fusco Copywriter
Arlene Bae SVP, Group Management Director
Nissa Gutierrez Account Supervisor
Casey Leong Assistant Account Executive
Bill Spangler Senior Producer
Agnes Bussey Art Buyer
Ryan Hausberger Senior Planner

Hungry Man Production Company
Dave Laden Director
Cut & Run Editing House
Lucas Eskin Editor

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