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Work titles in advertising. There were many in the ad dictionary, such as Plannager, Account Consecutive, Copywronger and Tart Director. Kidsleepy & myself have found that we need to update this, as so many more interesting jobs at large agencies need to be represented, and other terms.

Quicklinks - Vendor-handler , Foodie, Timesheet-Nazi, creative cockblocker, Beehive co-ordinator Creative Departed, Slasher , Denier, Hey Buddy, Exodus, Button, The Age of Aquarius, Cloak and dagger, Sinusitis, World renowned conceptual digital community builder , Mr or Ms Grinch, Lagger, Copycycler, Award Whore, Keyworder, The Executioner , Dr Frankenstein, Frankenstein

Vendor-handler: that guy or gal whose job it is to alert you to when the representatives for sound companies, post production houses and media specialists are stopping by the office for presentations of their work. Also known as "person whose emails I always delete."

Foodie : The account executives assistants intern, whose only job it is to ask people if they need dinner when working late.

Timesheet-Nazi: Self-explanatory.

Creative Cockblocker: Always making sure that you can not show your work to the creative director you are scheduled to meet. In Amsterdam they're also known as in-house recruiters.

Beehive co-ordinator: that one person in every office that knows everyones business, including how often they do their business as they pick it up in the stalls, otherwise known as the telephone operator.

Creative Departed: a CD who is rumored to once have been creative but these days rides firmly on the shoulders of the creative department.

Slasher: That one guy who sneaks into every brainstorm just to get a slash on anything concepted in the room.

Denier : Otherwise known as the creative recruiter, after they've hired you they suddenly deny your existence.

Hey Buddy : recruiters who string people along, tempting and teasing like a born again virgin.

Exodus: When multiple people vanish from the creative department. Not to be confused with pink slip Friday when they're mass-fired.

Button : that annoying "joke" attached to the end of a commercial, which never actually makes the ad better.

The Age of aquarius : When every last PSA out there became one for water.

Cloak and dagger : The act of keeping all the relevant information to yourself, also known as a briefing.

Sinusitis : The mistaken belief that your shit doesn't stink.

World renowned conceptual digital community builder : tumblr

Mr or Ms Grinch : The people in the creative or strategy department that only say no.

Lagger : The guy who procrastinates all day, only to end up burning the midnight oil every night.

Copycycler : One who rewrites jokes found on twitter.

Award whore : The small broke client that allows you to do anything you want, so you can send it to every award show on earth.

Keyworder : The person who has a habit of using the latest business-speak, wrong. They'll say things like "I'm not tracking...?" or "Lets backburner that". They're "pinterested" in things, offline.

The Executioner : The person who effectively kills the birth of ideas by demanding that you come up with an execution before you have an idea, ie: asking for animation styles or music before scripts.

Dr Frankenstein : When a creative director mashes up concepts from several different teams that have several different propositions.

Frankenstein : Same as above, but when the client does it. Ie: "I'll buy this work if I can get that headline with the images from that ad, and the layout in a third one you just presented."

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