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The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Are trolls simply uncreative?

Still pondering the recent uptick of comments that shoot the messenger instead of talk about the work, I've decided to ask a few other people about this phenomena. In The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion? post I spoke to the ad legend Luke Sullivan about it. Today, I have a chat with the one of the cats from johnnyandangus, Johhny a.k.a @copybeard. Having blogged quite a bit now from the point of view of creatives looking at other peoples work, he should have some experience. The microphone is yours, Johnny.

"We tend not to get too many trolls on our blog because a) not enough people actually read our blog, and b) we have a rule that we only say good things about the ads we're reviewing (sometimes that can be a challenge).

Unfortunately b) leads to a), because we live in world where negative provocation stimulates debate far more than positive reaction. I guarantee any post you write with a negative spin will generate far more comments than something positive.

And yes, often those comments will be of the type you're talking about - "what do you know?", "how many awards have you won?", "you're just jealous".

Total wankers.

But, I don't say they're wankers because I think they're wrong (I do, but it's a pointless argument with people like that). I say they're wankers because it's crappy trolling. True trolling is a genuine creative art - just ask David Thorne.

Creatives should be creative in everything they do, from the work (obviously), to the out-of-office autoreply email, and yes, even when trolling. Especially when it's on a blog about creativity.

Luke's right. Anonymity is the shield trolls hide behind. And fine, let them. But Jesus they should be ashamed of their utter lack of creativity. If they disagree, they should say why. Don't just whinge. That's what babies do. And everyone fucking hates babies.

I don't mind trolls. Let's take a page out of the Prime Minister's book and give them a hug. Give 'em a bit of love. Make them better trolls.

And that's all I have to say about that."

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