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The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Dave Trott thinks you're a little child

So, Dave Trott thinks you're a little child, dear anonymous haters. Yes, that Dave Trott, the creative director of CSTTG, where he runs his own blog. He's also known for his mischievous seeding of his book Creative Mischief He's been in countless heated debates over the years and has skin thicker than anonymous commentators skulls. What does he think about the recent ad hominem attacks?

My view about trolls I the same as everything else. If you can’t stick to the subject then you’re not worth listening to. The subject under discussion is, in this case, an ad. Stick to talking about the ad and we can discuss it all day. But as soon as you get personal, that’s not the subject. As soon as you say “You’re a wanker/idiot/moron/douchebag” I know you’re like a little child at a grownup conversation. You can’t discuss the topic so you shout and scream. In which case you can’t be part of it. On my blogs, I delete any comments that get personal for that reason. I like debate, I even like heated debate. But as soon as it gets into personal insults, it stops being a debate. So those comments get deleted straight away. Other people are free to decide if they want to allow any old rubbish in their comment stream. I find it cheapens and spoils the whole thing. (Incidentally, here’s an interesting piece I read recently about someone who tracked down a troll: Meeting a troll - Traynor's Eye)

I have also spoken to Johnny in The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Are trolls simply uncreative? and Luke Sullivan in the post The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion?. Since curiosity killed the cat, this won't be the last post on the topic.

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