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Ad trap: The wee box that can kill every online ad - if you sponsor it

Here's the Kickstarter idea that might kill the internet: AdTrap "and the internet is yours again" needs to raise $150,000 in order to launch into full production. They have managed to make a simple device that, once plugged into your router, effectively removes ads from the web pages, games and film clips you watch online. Be it with your laptop or iPad. They went straight to hardware to solve the ad-blocking issue specifically to be able to block ads from all devices logged on, as software blocks is only applicable to the computer, or even the browser it is installed on. Software isn't perfect either, as we've experienced being blocked due to our domain name alone while large corporations bought themselves out of that block.

Hopefully, AdTrap will know the difference between an ad, and an ad.. Oh wait, what am I talking about, that thing will probably kill this entire website. I mean really now, what twisted individual wants to watch the top rated super bowl ads between 1980 and 1989? Trap 'em! Trap 'em 'til they're dead!

Chad Russel and the adtrap team have raised $53,415 so far, and there's details in his pitch that appeal to all geeks. AdTrap is hackable and runs on linux. One can tweak AdTrap. Make it a NSFWTrap when the kids are browsing, perhaps? OMG I suddenly realize that I totally needed this to be my unbaby me replacing election chatter with images of kittens instead! *pledges a few bucks* - *sounds of booing from the audience* Oh hush, you hate pre-roll ads getting in the way of your watching of ads too.

At Cult of Mac they add a pretty-please-whitelist us plea to their review of the devices, as they have kids to feed. I would like to remind you all that so do I and we work on donations from readers.

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