Adage names McDonald's marketeer of the year

What? McDonald's Corporation was honored today as "Marketer of the Year" by Advertising Age magazine, for the brand's marketing achievements around the world in 2004.: Jim Skinner has been dying to use his tagline as a quote, and thus he does: "I'm lovin' it! We're honored to be recognized with one of the most coveted awards in the advertising and marketing world"

Right, remember the stuff they made this year? From the flop dryer sheet during the superbowl

to Justin Timberlakes overhyped "rap".

The creative McD stuff was made in Japan and the UK where they got rid of the golden arches. But have a look at McD's competitor in the states for real creative marketing, BK's subservient chicken commercials, website/viral ad, the Spicy chicken fights with that website and long playing ad as if it was a real fight, now that should be marketeer of the year, a smaller budget and a smarter crew got them twice the buzz. Can anyone remember people talking about "I'm lovin' it" and not being negative? I can't.
Adage has honored McDonald's once before, in 1989 when it was named "Marketer of the Decade."
Hat tip Caffeinegoddess

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Yeah, McDonald's creative is way lame (then again, so am I for saying "way lame'). But somebody must be "lovin' it." I assume "Adage" must have some criteria for their choice. As inane as it is, the work seems to be connecting with the public at large. And really, One Show pencils and Grand Prix Lions aside, isn't that what advertising is all about? I admire great work as much as the next envy-soaked creative, but I think we sometimes forget that this is business, not art. Which is not to suggest that we compromise our standards or settle for mediocrity - just to remember that we are creating ads to appeal to consumers, not a small clique of award show judges.

As for Burger King, yes, the Subservient Chicken was great. But what about Ugoff and Dr. Angus? I didn't see them generating much talk outside the industry. And what about those commercials that ripped off "The Office?" And how about the ill-advised "Wake Up With The King" commercial? Check out the newsgroup on Google sometime and see what kind of reactions it got from the vox populi. Makes for interesting reading.

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With ads like these I can't get why they were named that.


I know it's not all about creativity- but sheeesh. In the last year, McDonald's marketing has made sure that I will never step foot inside any of their stores for as long as I can possibly help it.

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Shouldn't it be "Have longer thicker, fuller waist thanks to McGriddle"? ;) Too easy!

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You know what the chiefs use to say: You eat with your eyes ;)