AdCrapReCap - week 20

Morning sunshine!

Last weeks ups and down in adland - Up: I had a chat with Draft CD Chris Hunter down under who taught me a thing or two about sports. Down: my brain when seeing that Buttrick's cover was clearly down in the gutter. Down: the creative spark of Crispin judging by their Man campaign, George from Adscam thinks it's heading straight down the crapper. Up: mood at the office after laughing at the The (commercial here). Down: Faith in animal kind after reading the Real zoo. (commercial here). It's not at all like Disney movies. *weep*

Up: Cappuchino fetish and loyalty to cafe Brazil after seeing them mock Starbucks. Neither: Grand Clio Award results was neither up or down as there were no suprises in it.

And as always, plenty of new ads in the archive, here's three examples.

Citi - Darrel

Ginn Resorts - Getting Ready

California Milk - teeth town (Spanish language)

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