Adcritic's Spot of the Year: Milk

Jim Hanas getcreativity elert that now runs on the domain just announced their choice of the Spot of the Year.

Goodby and Partners nabbed the prize with the birthday party Milk commercial - over here we call that ad "Damien". It's moody and it's brilliant, Noam Murro directed it.

The Runner ups included Hewlett-Packard's "You", again from Goodby, though around here it's current score isn't high enough to reach the top ten even.

Mans new best friend - Rubin Postaer & Associates do visual poetry with Car/People.

And last, but not in the least least [ha!] comes the infamous Nike streaker commercial, to which ABC and even Reebok paid homage with a spoof during the Superbowl. Ah, we had fun this year, didn't we?

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