Adidas guerilla stunt - giving marathon runners their "second wind" in New Zealand

Pop Quiz hot shot. You´ve been briefed by Adidas to do a stunt sure to grab the attention of the 11,000 runners of the Auckland Marathon. Adidas wants you to give the runners hope, remind them that nothing is impossible even when there's 42 kilometers left, and do it in that kick-ass over the top Adidas way.
What do you do? What do you do?

Why, it's a given that build a custom made gianormous hurricane fan that'll give runner 50 knots worth of second wind at 17 km mark if they opt to run in the adiBOOST lane. A massive gust of wind will cool, push and amuse and leave the runners thinking "yeah, what the heck, nothing is impossible". Or at least thinking: "Weeeeeeee!" which is just as good, really.

Hell, even Darth Vader and other fans of the dark side opted to use the fan. Go adiBOOST! See film of the contraption in action inside (super adgrunts).

Agency: TBWA Whybin Auckland

ECD = Andy Blood
AD = Karen Maurice-O'Leary
Copywriter = Verity Butt

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As long as you´ve got the money, nothing impossible is. Great idea.

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They would have gotten more publicity if they had a giant fan blowing against the runners.