Adland Live at Central Saint Martins - Show Two

The Central Saint Martins Graphic Design Show opens to the public today, sponsored by Mullen-Lowe Group who will be revealing the winner of this year's Lowe Nova Prize later in the month. I went to the opening night viewing, and saw some intelligent, sophisticated and inspiring work.

And there was such a vast amount of projects on show - encompassing Narrative Environments, Character Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Material Futures, Fashion Design, Architecture... and much, much more. (Much more. Halls of more).

I asked Kate Wildblood, Head of Design at Lowe Profero and a Lowe Nova judge what she thought of Show Two.

"It's an amazing experience made by hugely talented people. I wish I was half as talented at them".

Kate Wildblood

And what was she looking for in the winning projects?

"Cash under the table, of course" she informs me.

I ask if she's absolutely sure she wants me to quote her on that. She laughs and reconsiders,

"We were looking for creativity, personality, craft, execution, all rolled together with passion and confidence." She describes her favourite works animatedly, using the word 'amazing' in every sentence.

From CSM:

Based in the heart of Kings Cross, Central Saint Martins is well known for being a unique, creative space that plays host to this year’s soon-to-be graduates. The university’s design students aim to redevelop and challenge people’s perceptions of what graphic design is and what it can do. The degree show last year saw in excess of 75,000 visitors and this year’s show attendance is expected to exceed this.

A bold fashion statement.

Lowe Nova shortlisted MA Industrial Design student, Pan Wang, explains 'Memetery', an augmented digital tomb.

D&AD Pencil Winners, Ben Silvertown and Sidney Lim with their Young Blood idea: BBC Surge

What is communication design?

Every office should have one of these.

Caroline Chidiac with her Narrative Environments project to share the sound of Lebanon.

More architectural models than you can shake a stick at.

Agelene Fenuta with her Material Futures project to create modular transforming textiles.

There was no 'theme' as such, but I certainly noticed an unofficial one. A great many of the projects from Illustration to Narrative Environments, explored the notion of analogue vs digital. Many examined bringing digital concepts into the physical world or visa versa. Many considered the relationship between the two and how they can impact on each other in exciting and unconsidered ways.

If you're in London, do yourself a favour and check it out.

CSM Show Two is open to the public until Sunday.

Read my coverage of Show One here.

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