Adland moved from acme, to apex, to aeon, to ares and now we've moved to AMMO!

Hey kids. So I've just moved a load of stuff from on machine to a bigger/faster/better/slicker machine here - and it may take a while for DNS to propagate (as we've changed IP#'s) and some other kinks may or may not appear in the move.

No worries, I'm fixing all the nitty gritty - but here we are, on a bright shiny and new server which is faster and stronger which will suit our needs better and help us kick some web-tush. Hence his name, ammo.

If you find weird shit going on here in Adland, you may best get my attention under this here posting as mail may or may not be flaky for a while.
Åsk Dabitch

I just found this old page (screendump as image) while I was moving stuff, I found it amusing - that there on the floor is acme.

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5 hearts for the pic! :)

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hehe, it's such a mess. That keyboard is awesome retro though. :))

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It's a bit spotty to reach Adland still. I could do it at my office yesterday but not from home. Only now can I reach you from home.

Also five-hearting that pic. That keyboard makes me laugh, even the cable looks like an old phonecord.

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Yeah I can see that the UK caught up first, then Denmark, Sweden and neighbouring hubs but go all the way to the US and it gets spotty already on the east coast. God know I haven't seen any Aussies around here in a while though Canadians seem to find us. No hits from Asia yet. South america (mainly Brazil) seems to have no problem. It'll take a few more hours.

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DNS is still spotty as hell over in the US and at the root servers. I've never seen it this slow before.

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UK gets Adland loud and clear. Rating pic five hearts just for colour co-ordinating your nailpolish with that shirt.

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I almost didn't get hired once for making the mistake of still having cobalt blue nailpolish when I interviewed. Office-gossip later informed me that all the managers and bosses were discussing my nailpolish rather than my portfolio after I left.

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Hang on, is that a floppy disc I spot? Wow, there are some that have never seen these in the wild.

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Hahaha, there's even two of them, but those aren't real "floppy" floppy discs - I've actually got a whole BOX of those somewhere around the house! Those are my linux-bootup discs. Later I got rid of the floppy drive to make room for more hard disks. Youknow what else I have? Square holed punch cards. First one to name the computer/software brand wins an upgrade for a month! hahaha!
(I suspect Allan1 will get that one right)

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I only know the IBM punch cards. I think they had square holes! A good friend of mine works for their UK division and has access to all this stuff from the old days.

And I remember real floppy discs back from my BBC Micro days. Ah, green text on a black background, how I miss it!

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I didn't see this until today (Thursday 9/18), so I couldn't be the first. :-(

The holes in many of them are actually rectangular, based on the original Hollerith design. [He needed to find a way to tabulate all the people coming through NYC, immigrating. He used bill holders of the time - since US currency was larger than the current size, the punch cards are similarly larger].

I still have a box of IBM punch cards (around 2000 cards) that contain MVS and DOS JCL and Utility data for various job streams. I have about 150-300 5.25" floppy disks, and about 600-900 3.5" floppies. I only have a couple hundred CD's, and DVDs (if we limit the DVD's to computer programs and no movies or tv shows). [I also have about 1000+ VHS tapes. One of these days, I'm going burn them all to DVD].

I still have a 5.25" floppy drive (in a bag, in a box) in storage, and a few 3.5" floppy drives, and one ancient 1.4 GB tape cartridge and matching drive.

Current computer inventory:

* 1 Samsung Instinct (PHONE, w/Sprint's Everything plan) NEW!
* 1 Dell w/Quad Core (2.6 GHz), 4GB RAM, 500 GB HD, 16x DVD Burner, and speakers , and 19" CRT monitor [Vista Ultimate] NEW.
* 1 Dell Notebook (2.6 GHz), 256MB RAM, 40 GB HD, CD-RW [Win XP Home].
* 1 Rebuilt (3 times) Gateway Pentium III (600 MHz) [Originally from 1999, started with 128 MB RAM, and 27 GB HD], 512MB, 120 GB HD (and a currently detatched 100 GB HD), 16x DVD Burner, DVD Player, and Super 3.5" Floppy Drive (which could store 120MB on the right floppy [I have 3 of the disks]) [Win XP Pro] {Shares the 19" CRT} I need to get a KVM+ Audio switch to replace the Video switch.
* 1 HP Pentium IV (2.2GHz), ?RAM (none now), no HD, 8x DVD Burner.
* 1 Sony Vaio Z505 RX Notebook Pentium II (!!) (400 MHz), 128MB RAM, 9 GB HD, CD reader, 3.5 Floppy drive (USB) - bad batteries and power supply, Win 98 SE [Originally from 1999] (Weighs around 4 lbs [i.e. less than 2 kg]). A very expensive, not so heavy paperweight!
* 1 Gateway Profile II (500 Mhz Celeron-D) [All in one], 128MB RAM, 20 GB HD, DVD Player, 3.5" Floppy drive [Originally from 1999 - never opened until 2002 - NEVER WORKED - probable bad power supply]. Win 98.
* 1 Homemade AMD K6 (600 MHz), 512MB RAM, 20 GB HD, CD Burner, CD Player, 3.5" Floppy Drive - WIn 2000 [**to be given to a friend, once I put the DVD burner into it, and maybe the 100 GB HD from the Gateway].
2 empty CPU cases (w/o power supplies) - currently being used as supplemental stands (a lamp is on one, which is on its side, under a cloth).

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That's correct! IBM punch cards had patented square holes. Everyone else had round ones. :)
I still do green text on black background when I log in every day to read my mail on the server in pine. ;P

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And proud!

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I know, I just had a jock-reflex. Sorry.

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Aaaaaah, you're one of THOSE people.

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I am one of the most normal-seeming NERDs you will ever know.

I was a gymnast in high school - before gymnastics were COOL! [Not geeky because it's sports, geeky because hardly anyone else knew anything about it].
I was in several rock bands (made good money for a while), playing lead and rhythm guitar. [Not geeky!]
My degree is B.S. Physics (I couldn't afford to go much further in school, and wasn't quite good enough for the major scholarships that I would need). [I almost got a job as a physicist, after working in other areas for over a year, at a major university's nuclear lab. It would have meant giving up my $12K/year salary, for $10K/year - with no guarantee of more than a year, and also going back on night shift]. [VERY geeky!]
I was a DJ at the college radio station, also one of their engineers (with an actual FCC licence), and advertising director, and judge of elections for the station, plus I got to go to the college budget meetings to get more funding for the station. [Not geeky because of the music, but some of the other roles I took on were very geeky].
I collect comic books. [Very geeky], movies (DVDs/VHS) [very mainstrream!
I go back far enough that I used to have 8" floppy disks! And a machine that used them!EXTREMELY NERDY