Adland's 10 by 10 - Worst Art Direction Disasters in the past ten years.

There are jobs out there that I am not very proud of. Colors bled where they shouldn't have. There wasn't enough margin. A low resolution image made it to final print. A dusty design tomb married me to a font I could not learn to love. That sort of thing, so I know that things can get a little out of hand. There have also been times when I've snuck in something silly, just to have some fun. I can't tell if these are a symptom of the latter, created by AD's/Designers with more chutzpa or if they suffered total design blindness by the end of their project.

#1 "My ass opens at six am". I'm so happy for you.

#2Mom, that ham looks like... - ahem. Well it does look like it could swallow the little girl whole, so it does indeed impress for less. But that's not why the young boy is so tranfixed by this spread open ham.

#3 The Argentinian ox beef meat brings a whole new meaning to my favorite euphemism "100% beef thermometer" doesn't it? I found this in my local danish paper and naturally ran to the store to get some. ;)

#4 This is old. But once you see it, you can't stop looking.

#5 "You deserve the red shirt treatment - ok, so this one can be blamed on the writer, but I promise you, geeks were laughing up and down that highway.

#6 The Modern Tvätttid AB logo. No. Just

#7 The new mastercard logo goes Goatse. If you do not know Goatse, do not google Goatse. Trust me on this.

#8 Instituto de Estudos Orientais (I'm sensing a trend here).

#9 Uhm.....Please get your dog away from my poor pussy.

#10 ...And, because we're convinced the designer meant to do this - the UK Office of Government Commerce logo, which looks sleek and innocent until you stand it on its head. Then it becomes a logo for wankers. Subtle.
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