AdLand's Ad Battle I - The Fantasy Football Fracas

Ok, we're going to try something a little different here for our Superadgrunts - our first official AdLand Ad Battle. It's quite simple. We've taken two campaigns that are duking it out against each other and brought them here to continue the scrimmage. Your comments determine who wins and loses. Why? Because we know some of you are just dying for an outlet for sharing your incredible insights into advertising psychology and sociology. As for the rest of you.... well, it gives you an opportunity to be smartarses.

For the debut, we're pitting NFL Fantasy Football against ESPN Fantasy Football. We've gathered a handful from each campaign for your consideration. Is it boys versus girls? East versus west? Suburban versus utopian? You're about to find out. Continue for more... (Superadgrunts only)

On this side, we have NFL Fantasy Football.

Here be da players - Choices - 4 To Watch - Nice Pick - 40 Time - Butchered

On the other side, we have ESPN Fantasy Football.

This way to the spots - Shoes - Cake - Pillow Fight - Weird - New Friends

So, in your humble or not-quite-so-humble opinion, who won? Leave your comments and stand back.

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Tough call. The characters for both campaigns are impeccably cast. I love the ladies, but the scruffy dudes are strangely cool too. Decisions. Decisions.

I'll have to go with ESPN, because all the girls' names rhyme with each other.

Just thank god they didn't go with the short shorts for the NFL spots.

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I like the NFL ones best. I think they tell a better story. Although that football shaped computer is pretty funny.

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ESPN's set design, wardrobe and concept take the prize. Plus, the lead actress' "concerned look" is perfection.

NFL is a close second though - the guy's accent (what is it, Boston? Jersey? Bronx? Minnetonka?) is a real beaut.

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My vote is for the NFL spots. Way, way funnier.

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I dig both, but I'm going with ESPN for two reasons - 1) They worked in the line "We love the camaraderie it engenders." without winking or nudging, and 2) I'm a guy, dammit, and Sandi can break through the fourth wall with me any time she likes.

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I pink think pink it's pink a pink hard pink decision, pink, but pink for pink some pink odd pink reason, pink, I'm pink leaning pink to pink the pink girls. Pink.


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go here and click on the 'mustard'

click the first frame (with the two guys). this was last years espn fantasy football campaign. watch them in order as they are tied together.
agency: wexly school for girls
director: jared hess (yes, the "napoleon dynamite" director)
editor: me

you like?

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The ESPN girls are an inspired confection. Luv em.

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i am going to have to go with NFL...
the copy for the espn bugs the hell out of me -
1) camaraderie... how many fantasy football fans even know WTF this word means...
2) the flow of the scripts...
3) in the end, the NFL ones just feel way more on target than the ESPN ones.

although... in "bar view" the ESPN ones would still work well with no sound...

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I'm going with the NFL. The girls were funny, but after a while it got kind of repetitive. It sort of seems like trying to take the easy way out. NFL kept changing up the jokes. And LaDainian Tomlinson saying "where the heck is my agent" cracks me up every time.

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NFL - the accents get me every time. What the hell kind of accent is that?

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The fella wearing the Patriots jersey has a Bostonian accent.

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Both are decent concepts, but I'm surprised by the poor execution in the ESPN spots by Wieden+Kennedy. As much as I hate going against girls in pink, I've gotta give this one to NFL.

The Wexley ads are much better, by the way!

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The NFL ones are better,
but as a dude, I rather see those hot chicks,
I was a little disappointed they didn't have less on.

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Not even a contest. NFL by 100 yards.

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I really didn't expect to like the ESPN ads--hate "babes" on principle--but the concept is nuanced, funny, and perfectly-executed. I like the NFL ads, too, but c'mon--I just gotta vote for Candi, Randi, Sandi, Mandi, Dandi, etc., and whoever designed that set.

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Thanks for the link. Really enjoyed the ads! (I wanted to vote for them!)