Adlands Cannes Film Shortlist - who will win?

Contenders, start your engines - adgrunts, place your bets. What commercial will take home the Grand Prix?
To refresh your memory, links&screendumps to some of last years greatest ads inside. It's our shortlist - all the ads are on the real lions shortlist. Follow me!

Sony Bravia - Balls

Guinness - Evolution / Noitulove

Carlton Draught - Big ad

Total - wrong choice- (France)

Orange - Blackout - (UK)

Orange - Dance - (UK)

"Crash Test" for Renault by Nordpol Hamburg

3 "Tupezik" tupperware music party

"Impossible Dream" for Honda by Wieden + Kennedy UK Ltd, London

Stella Artois - Ice Skating Priests

"Singin' in the Rain" for Volkswagen by DDB London

Miracle of life - by Kitchen Norway

Levis - Loyal / Voodoo

VW Polo - Angel's day off

Hummer - Monsters

"Press Conference" for Nike by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

"Day in the Life of an Icon" for Sony PlayStation by TBWALONDON

"Human Ball" for Médecins sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders by Duval Guillaume, Bruxelles

"Jump Rope" for Xbox by McCann Erickson

"Disturbance" for Heineken

"Mini Mart - robberyt" for Ameriquest by DDB Los Angeles, Venice

"Le Sacrifice (90 sec)" for Stella Artois by Lowe London

Buenos Aires Zoo - Together

Toyota - Happy Together NZ

Adidas - impossible team - Equipo
(see also Adias Partido

Nike Free - Run Barefoot, AKA Chariots of Fire

Volkswagen Fox - The Shining bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Pulp Fiction bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Titanic bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Alien bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Jaws bunnies

Sure - Go wild / Fanimal

MTV - Don't Kill The Music / Father Daughter

Starburst - Ernie the klepto

Skittles - Beard

Honda - Choir - The power of screams

Ace Hardware - News 1 / Wife

Ace Hardware - News 2

THINK!- pay attention / Cameraphone

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Taxi's Viagra spots won gold last year...

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At the AICP Show in New York a couple of weeks back, many of these spots were shown on a big screen in a theater at the Museum of Modern Art packed with perhaps a thousand ad folks (some more 'ad' than others). The Carlsberg spot by far drew the greatest response -- people cheered and applauded like they did for no other spot screened, and I was one of them. I think the spot has a very good shot at the GP.

Among other possibilities not listed here, although I admit it's a long shot, is Nike's "Kid Tiger," which has a lot of heart, and also got a great response at the AICP Show....

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Gosh you're right - guess I messed up my lists this morning. Took it out now.