Adland's top ten (well, twelve actually) sexiest ads of 2009.

Welcome to that odd Monday where everyone in advertising goes to work but nobody really knows why.

As a distraction, I offer you the sexiest ads of 2009. Since I find good ads sexy, we're not going by my standard but by the most common standard. In short, here are the ones with the most nudity.

#1 PETA came out early this year to try and grab the crown, they had models frolicking with asparagus and being "so smitten that she makes herself part of a steaming "orgy" of mixed vegetable soup." In other words, they had models and phallic symbols, lots of skin and suggestive moves and then they press released the hell out of not being allowed to air during the superbowl. "Banned" they called it, even though it's simply "rejected by network".

PETA - Veggie Love (failed superbowl ad) - (2009) :30 (USA)

#2 "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her", sexy and it stings.

#3 Victorias Secret - one gift, a thousand fantasies. Because the annual holidays when we finally have some time off, are all about getting some.

Victoria's Secret - One Gift, A Thousand Fantasies (2009) :90 (USA)

#4 Another rather recent addition, this one from Mercury360 Magelle is the underwear that's so hot, they pixelated it out. Leaving the model quite nude.

#5 Liaison dangereuse - Sexiness for everyone - in this ad, a lady gets dressed, and you finally know what's under that burqa.

#6 Got Milk Wolverine - sorry straight boys, but a sexy list without hairy throbbing arm-veins Hugh Jackman is .... I was going to come up with a good comparison here but then I looked at his arms and it got kinda woozy. Did you say something?

#7 Sex with Hitler... youch. The opening steamy scenes takes this high on the list but the ending is quite the cold shower, which you might need by now anyway.

#8Ambi Pur - Obsession - because we're still really amused that someone is selling toilet cleaner on the sexy-scent angle. The TV ad Innocent Date is rather amusing too.

#9 Super models take it off for climate change and nobody remembered why.

#10 Kiwi Car Sex

this ad has been viewed 104959 times since we posted it in August, rocketing it to the top of the list. The other equally funny ads in this campaign for diapers Ménage à trois, Hotel Hots and Festival aren't reaching the same viewing popularity, but then they don't have "sex" in their titles. Norway wins with a humorous take on how sudden ones priorities change.

Honorable mentions

#1 it's not my cup of tea, in fact I find it rather uncomfortable, but someone out there probably thinks being forced to strip by a bikini-clad leopard lady is hot. For the rest of you, it's just funny. Orangina Blood Orange - Bloody

#2 It's not sexy. It fulfills the full frontal nudity criteria in spades, but these photos of "the girls" as they grow up and grow older is a feel-good buddy-movie, not a sexy clip. In the print campaign they even wrote poems for the girls.

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The Hitler one was the best, by a lot. Most of the others I wish I hadn't seen.