Adlatina shows you how to Case Study for Cannes: with Vine #VineLions.

Adlatina just put pretty much every agency to shame and demonstrate that you can make six second case studies with Vine. If your campaign idea is great, six seconds is all you need to sell it.

Oh, and you can join in too, all you need to do is Vine it, Tweet it, and #hashtag it.

This is what the Oreo Daily Twist looks like in Vine Lions. So hey Social Media Interns who want to be creatives hiding out at large agencies... Here's your chance, go Vine the hell out of whatever was submitted to Cannes Lions this year, and send it out on the Agency twitter account with the tag #VineLions. You get to show off your six-second-case-study skills, and with more people doing it we'll basically have a cliff notes of Cannes website vined. All good.

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