Ads with Goldfish really do have short memories......

Or: Reason why we hate using stock # 168

Adgrunt hlebarov with superior badland spotting power brings us this collection of goldfish fleeing their bowls ads.... Been a while since we had a bunch like this in Badland, so come on down and see if you can't add a few more to the collection. There has to be more than five right? :)

This one was published in Brazil 2002.

Even websites can't escape the stock! AUGH!

In this context their choice of headline is rather ironic. And even that isn't original. Oh dear.

A kinda related goldfish jumper is this guy from the way old badland posting Evian and other waters back in 1999.

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Wow...that's quite a collection!

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It's nearly as popular as the guy in the suit leaping over the hurdle, briefcase in hand. That one's just AWESOME.