Ads seen from trains - the cheering, and not cheering, people as you pass has been done.

I'm sure we could do an entire badlander series of ads (and Chemical brothers music videos) filmed from trains. I'm showing you these three to demonstrate how different the mood can be despite how similar filmed the motion is.

This ad for the Japan Railroad new bullet train had the unfortunate timing of opening March 12, 2011, a single day after the worst natural disaster hit Japan. The 250 KM long audience wave seen from the train windows was deemed too celebratory during a national crisis and the ad was pulled.

Japan railroad / Kyushu Shinkansen - the Rainbow wave

It reminds me a bit of did ad, which is faced with the impossible task of seeling American Budweiser to the Irish. The cheery people seen from the train also shows the lyrics to the song, so we can all sing along.

Budweiser all together now 2009

The above Budweiser ad looked in color etc, a wee bit like the "Shelter" ad did, in color, in motion. Certainly not in mood though, Radiohead could depress permanent optimists.

Shelter House of cards

Can you think of any more ads seen from trains?

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