AIDS Awareness AIDES - Boy Love - (2006) 2:00 (France)

Boy finds love.

Agency: TBWA Paris

Creatives: Erik Vervroegen/Veronique Sels/Eve Roussou
Agency Producer: Christine Bouffort
Production Company: Wanda
Producer: Claude Fayolle
Director: Wilfrid Brimo
Post-Production House: Mikros Image
Editor (&Co.): Geoffroy Barbet Massin
Animator: Geoffroy Barbet Massin, Morgan Sagel, Michael Nauzin, Marie Honold, Alexandre Sauthier, Nicolas Cazaux, Raida Mechiri
Special Effects/Processes: Maya
Music: "Sugar Baby Love" By The Rubbet's

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Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic.

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Next - can we see one where our hero/heroine is looking for the right woman? ;)

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The pacing in this is great.