AIDS awareness campaign from ALDO and YouthAIDS

ALDO Shoes and YouthAIDS have created a global campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight AIDS. The ads feature big Hollywood stars, including: Ashley Judd, Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek, Cindy Crawford, Penélope Cruz, LL Cool J, Elijah Wood and Josh Lucas.

For $5 they are selling these Empowerment tags, with words from the campaign which plays off the "Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil." They also feature the typical engraved ribbon. 100% of the profits will go to YouthAIDS.

The ads are all done in black-and white and were shot by Peter Lindbergh. The concept was developed by ALDO's agency, Kraftworks Ltd.

The tags will be available at ALDO stores and on, which also includes more pieces to the campaign, including postcards which feature the ads to send via email, the ads, and a video and photographs of the campaign being shot.


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you know... if they really wanted an effective campaign, they should just show a bunch of pictures of people on their deathbeds as a result of having AIDS. all i know is if i had AIDS, i wouldnt want some rich celebrity reminding me that they dont have it and that they are smarter or wiser than me because they dont "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

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I think the idea here is to spread awareness about AIDS not to get people who have it start announcing it to every Tom, Dick and Harry they meet on the street. The tags and the rest of the stuff is nicely done, and gets the interest of the people going. They will talk about it, talk about AIDS and that's what they want IMHO.

Showing people on death-beds for this? C'mon... are you serious?

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Showing people on death-beds for this? C'mon... are you serious?

Yeah really, that sort of imagary is reserved for selling knitted sweaters, obviously! ;)

btw, I recall a shortlisted (?) D&AD ad 93/94 where this was used as the image, and the line read "the only pullover this image should be used to sell" under a picture of a condom. Bo-yah! I dug that.

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The portrait of X famous people, especially over-used Xtina, with something blocking their mouth whilst declaring the need to speak up has kinda been done hasn't it? Recently even, with the "declare yourself" voting campaign. It's a near Badlander, except of course that one famous photographer shoots in b/w while the other prefers color. They both lack any real idea though.


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Actually, it seems what's really going on is that ALDO has developed an extremely clever ploy to get celebrity endorsements without really paying for them...

Obviously, these celebs are donating their time (and image) to the project for their own PR purposes. Which is fine. But, with the ALDO logo bunged on, the net effect is a celebrity endorsement of the brand, even if it's all in the guise of charity.

If ALDO was really as selfless as it sort of purports to be, it would refrain from putting its big fucking logo right up there!

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No company is going to be completely selfless - they aren't a charity - but the ALDO logo is pretty small compared to the rest of the ad. It's secondary to the AIDS Awareness message. And they may have gotten celebrity endorsement for their brand, but they also have celebrities promoting AIDS awareness, which is incredibly positive. If only more companies would do this.

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So, this daft campaign is now in the shopwindows, larger-than-life, on my street. As I passed it with my beau I commented on the poster. He checked them out and said: "When truth spreads? What truth? Are there lies spreading? What are the lies then? What do they mean? I know how AIDS spreads, do they?" he then shook his head and walked on.

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