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AIDS campaign in France uses superheroes

TBWA in Paris has created a new anti-AIDS campaign where none other than the indestructible superheroes Superman and Wonderwoman suffer from the virus.
See the French press release here: AIDES fait appel à Superman pour contrer le virus du sida cet été !
Read more to see the posters.

The message is clear - everyone and anyone can get AIDS, and the outcome will be the same, even for the man of steel and wonderwoman.

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Robblink's picture

Pretty good campaign. So.....who did Superman in? As far as I can remember...he didn't have any female arch-enemies. Could it be Lex Luthor?

junyr's picture

As odd as that comment was, I'm merely going to remind everyone that not everyone gets AIDS from sex.

Dabitch's picture

Sharing dirty/used needles or getting a contaminated blood-tranfusion are still less common way of infection though, right?

It's sad, but some people think "other ways than sex" means sitting on an aidscontaminated toilet seat... still today!

adlib's picture

.... and that is what should be adressed in ads if it's still the case. I think this brings home the "anyone can die from AIDS" point pretty hard though.

junyr's picture

I don't see how this brings home the "anyone can die from AIDS" point at all. It doesn't for me. Great people get AIDS from myriad ways, but using fake superheros was just as good as using Christopher Reeves in the ad where he walks around; it doesn't make any sense. I agree that the real point is that anyone can get AIDS and here are the ways how.

AnonymousCoward's picture

The strategy is spot-on: Anyone can get AIDS, even the most invincible of all. And seeing superheros crippled with AIDS is just plain disturbing enough to get the message across. What you're proposing is something like a brochure, which no one will read, let alone have an emotional connection with.

deeped's picture

It's spot-on... if you have a relation to the superheroes. For me, long gone done reading Marvel-comics this is a big "uhu?". I don't even know who the woman is. And the fact that the myth of Superman is that the only thing that hurts him is kryptonite makes the whole thing pretty unlogical and therefore misses the goal.
My conclusion: a good work done but the concept isn't thought through. Why not use the "real" superheroes?