Alka-Seltzer - Champagne & Beer - print, Puerto Rico

Alka-Seltzer did these ads with BBDO Puerto Rico to deomonstrate what you might need relief from.... (Badlandian twist inside)

Just in case there was any doubt of what an old ad-fart I am, here's something I dug up from one of my very very dusty old portfolios (last pic) - for Carlsberg Denmark, Saatchi & Saatchi - published january 1, 1995. (or was it 96? I forget. HA!) The line reads: "Did we really have that many of 'our beer'?" (sorry about the crap phone-shot, I've managed to both break my digital camera and scanner.)

Iancarlos Reyes : Photographer & Art Director
Rafael Sepulveda : Creative Director
Antuan Vazquez : Copywriter

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