Allegro - Czego szukasz w Święta? "English for beginners" (2016) 3:00 (Poland)

I was ready to love every second of this when it began. An old man seemingly lonely in a big house, empty apart from his loyal dog, receives a "English for beginners" package in the mail. Soon there's post-it notes everywhere and loud practicing while having a bath. The comedic relief in the montage, that the harmless old man says "I'm gonna fucking kill you," is kind of cute. So is his accent when he pack and names everything in his suitcase, including pyjamas. Who is he learning English for? Is it a love interest? A need to travel to see sights he's always wanted to see? Soon he's in a cab somewhere in the UK heading toward ... a home. His son opens the door, and now we finally see the moment he's been practising for. I'll admit that it got to me, my grandfather learned English just to communicate to my brother's wife, so the solitary old man who takes on a new language really hit home here. Having said that, this three minute ad could easily be edited into an emotionally powerful 60 or 90 which might even work better. Not everyone wants to watch an old man talking to his rubberducky in the bath forever.

Client: Allegro

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