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Alliance Defending Freedom - The Unintended Victims of Bathroom Bills and Locker Room Policies

In some states of the United States there's heated debate currently going on as several states and schools are opening up the bathrooms and locker rooms, effectively making them unisex. The idea is to be non-discriminatory of course, which is laudable, but as this long choddy explains there are unintended consequences when childrens right to privacy is tossed aside, as there are actual predators out there. As the Alliance Defending Freedom explains: "The individuals featured in this video speak from firsthand experience dealing with the issue of sexual abuse to explain why opening the women’s restroom to biological men is a harmful policy. Advocacy groups report that, in the United States, nearly 1 in 5 women and nearly 1 in 8 high school girls have been sexually assaulted.* For many of them, the mere presence of a biological man in a women’s restroom is a trigger that causes severe emotional and mental harm – regardless of that man’s intentions. ADFlegal.org/SafeBathrooms." The most piercing insightful soundbyte comes at the end when a trans woman and mother speaks, stating: "At a time when so many sexual assaults go unreported, we're telling (the children) that their boundaries don't matter." It's very long, too long even for a piece like this I feel, but I suspect they did that on purpose as the issue has sides and points that needs to be heard. The question is whether this will be effective in a time of fast soundbytes and 140 char comebacks. They do address some of them in the piece, for example, the "you should EDUCATE YOURSELF" mantra thrown in anyone's face.
This eleven-minute video is an education.

Client: Alliance Defending Freedom

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