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Alternativ för Sverige / AfS - Alternative for Sweden election film (2022) 4:00 (Sweden)

Yes, welcome kids, settle in, it's yet another Swedish election ad. We opened with the Swedish Trade Union confederation, then saw the Social Democrats, watched the Green party ad, and now here we are. Might as well pour a drink because this one is really long. Also, it's from a new political party that hasn't reached 4% of the vote yet, so it's entirely funded by members.

We open on the voiceover from a young politician stating "Sweden is the land of Swedes" as we watch the party leader Gustav Kasselstrand walk toward the parliament. She continues "it is only we who have the natural and innate right to this place on earth" and that is probably the very moment a lot of people will turn this ad off.
But if they stick around, they'll be treated to more politicians from this party - each with a distinct regional dialect I might add - speaking about Sweden's need for a new direction. 
"We inherited the country from our forefathers, we are borrowing it from our children" party leader Gustav Kasselstrand continues with a new twist on the 70s hippie mantra we all learned in preschool. It all takes a dark turn at 23 seconds as cars burn and "the Sweden we loved doesn't exist anymore".
I must say, the production values here are far better than you would think a very small political party could afford. The footage has good color value, even when shifting between stock and news footage, but a tip to the director is to bring some more collapsable sun bouncers next time you shoot outside. At a minute in, another politician from this party announces that Swedes will soon be a minority "in our own country" and the solution is presented by 2:23 - "återvandring" which is a new word meaning "return immigration". Exmigration? Anyway, more politicians blather on as the music rises and we get drone shots of Stockholm and Swedish nature, because "Sweden is not lost as long as we live."

I dunno, I feel like it needed a Braveheart style charge at the end there. I'm kind of disappointed, to be honest. 

Client: AFS

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