America, There Yugo Again.

Is Malcolm Bricklin an entrepenurial genius or dumber than a sack of hammers? Either way, the infamous US importer of Yugo is having a go at it again.

Starting at $5000, will Americans really want to buy a car that's positioned below the bottom shelf, especially after what happened last time (It recently won the dubious US title of "Worst Car of the Millennium")? And will the States be fooled by the new name? To help you form a well-rounded opinion, check out this beautiful Midas jab, then click "read more" below to view a mildly painful Yugo commercial from 1988.

One thing's for certain - the advertising better be a helluva lot better than is was fifteen years ago if it's to have a snowball's chance.

(Credit note: the Forbes link was found via


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