American Apparel apologizes for posting image of Challenger explosion

I predict "The image was re-blogged in error" is the new "the intern did it". American Apparel has apologized after posting a photo of the space shuttle Challenger exploding on its Tumblr account. They have also explained that "it was re-blogged in error" by someone who was "born after the tragedy" as if this somehow mitigates the fact that a brand is re-blogging random images on a tumblr.

Why is a brand re-blogging stuff on a tumblr page? On what planet is this a good idea?

Why is our sweat-shop free t-shirt maker re-blogging other peoples pictures on a tumblr? Why are we reading a brands tumblr page, expecting random re-blogs and not, you know, pictures of new American Apparel gear? Is the point in time where we consider the wisdom of having tumblr's for every Tom, Dick and Harry? This is how far we've come from "branding content", no longer is it creating something like BMW films, but now they're joining in the frenzy of re-blogging images they don't even know anything about. Brands adding to the tl;dr generation and the dilution of information with unchecked noise.

The challenger explosion image got peoples attention, people were so offended by this they promised to never frequent AA again, much like they do every time AA produces 'fashion' images that look like teenage porn.... so American Apparel had to apologize for mistaking an image of the 1986 explosion that killed all seven crew members, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, for a "cloud".

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