American Express interactive billboard in Belgium

Those who can read French or Dutch or are good language guessers may head over to where you'll find their latest billboard campaign hidden under the giant television set on the flash site.

You may upload an image of yourself and pals, that will appear on the interactive billboard which is on a streetcorner somewhere in Belgium. You can then watch it on the website via a live webcam, and once you have been on the board you get an image sent to you in the mail that you may pass on to pals. Playing on everyones wish for 15 minutes of fame one can have a lot of fun with this billboard, but please, don't send the goatse image..... (Actually, I already did, the images are filtered for content before they go live. Had to test that.)


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Neo's picture

I've checked out the trackback posts here, I find it amusing that they seem blissfully unaware that they are posting an image of Dabitch on their blogs. It's your 15 megabytes of fame dab!

Dabitch's picture

Yes, I had a feeling that would happen. It's funny aye? Suckas! By using that image (instead of the one on the site), you are spreading my face over the planet. ;))

AnonymousCoward's picture

That is amazing. They must have a wage monkey that filters out all the boob shots?

Dabitch's picture

Thats what I was thinking. I even tried to upload some boob-shots (well, goatse actually, I'm mean that way) but it seems they were never approved. Oh poo!

AnonymousCoward's picture

AW NAW YOU DINT! GOATSE! Even the mention of it is nasty.

Dabitch's picture

there's worse..... it involves a tub and a girl but I can't even think of that without wanting to bleach my eyeballs. Now that's evil!

kurtberengeiger's picture

Is this a collaboration with Audi? Because this is what I'd call Vorsprung durch Technik...

Dabitch's picture

Youknow, It would be one small step cooler if one as a Amex card carrier had a special number to send MMS to and that would go up on the board at once. :)

AnonymousCoward's picture

Looks like a lot of work and money to get people to look at a billboard. But, what they heck, they're creating a buzz and building the brand. Plus, maybe they'll have a new technology they can license.

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