Amgen - Porcelain Bones (2016) 1:50 (France)

Osteoporosis affects one in three women over the age of fifty. To create awareness about this on World Osteoporosis Day, Les Gaulois created a new kind of porcelain that is 40% less dense, just like the bones of women who don't get scanned or treat their osteoporosis. This collection of four ultra-fragile porcelain plates were sent out to influencers to help spread the word with a simple message: "Untreated, osteoporosis makes the bones as fragile as this porcelain”.

Client: Amgen
Chief Creative Officer: Xavier Beauregard
Art Director: Aurelien Bigot
Copy Writer: Benjamin Le Coz
TV prod : Ingrid Vasseur
Directors: Les Colts, The Cabs
SOUND: HRCLS (Hercules)

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