Amnesty International "Gay Turtle" (2016) 3:00 (Turkey)

No one in Turkey wants to buy a gay turtle. They only want straight turtles. Because they are all homophobes. And transphobes. But apparently they are huge fans of turtles. I have never seen so many people over the course of three days lining up to buy turtles. But you know, it's a hidden camera spot. They have their own logic.

On one level I appreciate the effort to try and equate the absurdity of hating someone based on their sexual orientation with hating a turtle based on its sexual orientation, but I do wonder how effective this ad will be in Turkey. It'll get a lot of awareness outside of Turkey no doubt. Perhaps that will have some benefit. I'm not so sure, though.

Client: Amnesty International

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It looks like that one dude in a moustache things the shop keeping is awkwardly suggesting that he is gay, and is ready to clock the man.