Angel Soft - Happy Father's Day, Mom - (2015) 2:30 (USA)

Sorry, Angel Soft creatives, I will have to declare that I'm watching this with some judgement. You know those people who bounce about wishing "happy mothers day" to single dads (who are often only single dads every fortnight, because the other two weeks there's a "single mom" handling the kids). I'm the first person to hiss like an angry big cat while shooting out looks as deadly as a neutron bomb while sharpening the line : They have Father's day into a sword to cut these people down. And here you did the same thing, but opposite.

This video honors single moms who have to be both mom and dad. Women who have to be soft and strong at the same time. These unsung heroes take on both parental roles and balance them with grace every single day. This year let's also say #HappyFathersDayMom

Like most of the emotional people who are interviewed in this piece, I too lost my father, and will next year have actually outlived him. I've witnessed my mother go from a stay at home wife, to a single parent household career woman. I know first hand what both a two parent and a single parent household is like for a child. This is why I suspect the idea here was conceived by creatives who grew up in two parent households. Or at least people who think that mothers are soft while fathers are strong. Good lord, didn't anyone stop you and point out that's a little seventies in its gender stereotyping? "And balance them with grace" - ugh, heavy handed writing, calm down. Look, I know what you were trying to do here, you're running with the "A-HA" of wishing mom a happy fathers day, what an unexpected twist, le snore. And this is well executed with a good selection of people who grew up with a single mother, their mothers all sound great - plus you've avoided the "deadbeat dad" trap by having people state their fathers sadly died, well done. These peoples emotional responses and cutesy stories are pushing all the right buttons. There's even a little humor in "I don't know if that's a thing" regarding moms idiotic fighting tips. The "strong/soft" connection to product is forced at best.

But "Happy Fathers day Mom"? Watch me hiss like a big cat and tell you; that's what Mothers day is for.

But then, perhaps the target market are all "graceful" widows in middle America, what do I know.

Client: Angel Soft
Chief Marketing Officer: Douwe Bergsma
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Bath Tissue: Vivek Joshi
Senior Marketing Director, Brand Center: Shari Neumann
Senior Brand Director: Joe Stempien
Senior Brand Manager: Todd Wingfield
Brand Manager: Melissa Blunte

Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Directors:: Karen Costello, Juan Oubina
Associate Creative Directors: Melissa Langston-Wood, Jorge Ortega
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Executive Integrated Producer: Rachel Seitel
Integrated Producer: Win Bates
Associate Integrated Producer: Justin Polk
Music Director: Dave Rocco

Account Management Credits:
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Chief Executive Officer, North America: Mike Sheldon
President, Los Angeles: Kim Getty

Production Company: Steelhead
Director: Eric Kaufman
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Producer: Matt Johnson
Line Producer: Melissa Verdugo

Editing Company: Steelhead
Editor: Morgan Griswold
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Producer: Simone Gurren

Postproduction Facility: Company 3
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov
Senior Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Visual Effects: Steelhead
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Broadcast Motion Design Director: Jason Porter

Music: Elias Arts
Track Title: "Father's Day"
Executive Creative Director: Vincenzo LoRusso
Creative Director: Michael Goldstein
Executive Producer: Vicki Ordeshook
Head of Production: Katie Overcash

Audio Post Company: Steelhead
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Mixer: Chase Butters

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I find this despicable. I know how difficult it is for single mothers out there, having had a single mom for the majority of my life.

However, this isn't the time, nor the place, to bring it up.

Mothers get Mother's Day. Why do we feel the need to take Father's Day away from fathers?

Before you comment about how single mother's have to play both roles, imagine how you'd feel if things were reversed. I know how people would react, as I've tried this experiment a few times and they don't react pleasantly.

I once had a father, a great one, and I am so tired of seeing people year after year disgrace him, his legacy, and the legacy of all fathers out there.

Let Dad have his day.

Kay Samuels's picture

Have you been through this fight yourself???? It's not about disgracing anyones memory (male or female). A mum is always a mum and a dad always a dad. Your right on one thing "THIS IS NOT THE TIME NOR PLACE TO BRING IT UP". Every woman that fights this can never express their complete and true feelings because we always want to protect each and every person (adult or child) around us. If you have lost somebody through cancer (breast or other) you grieve the lose of that person. If you fight any type of cancer it takes something from you and it continues to be a fight. There is truly a question mark of your head for the rest of your life.
As a survivor 10 years in remission, i can honestly say it gets easier but is always there.

It truly doesn't matter when Adverts like this and others are aired....the point can not be sent home enough to ensure we all get the point.

Respect to every man, woman, mum, dad, daughter, son and everybody cancer touches...Prayers and thoughts to you all. xx

Gabriel's picture

Some don't get it. Some have to be both. For those who are they deserve both. Being a parent is hard, and so many have to be twice the one because someone either died or couldn't be. There are so many out there. Not everyone knows their father, and God bless the moms who are. It's something that has to be earned, and so many have. I love my parents, but my mom is the one to truly thank for everything I am. I love you, Mom, and thanks to all of the moms out there who are being one or both everyday, even when you're sick with a cold or flue. Thank you.

Angel's picture

Did anyone who left comments here actually read the post first?

Dabitch's picture

@Angel, your guess is as good as mine.