Anorexi/Bulimi-Kontakt - Help / Mirror - (2007) :40 (Sweden)

Title: Help for people with eating disorders.

Client: Madeleine Mesterton, Riksföreningen Anorexi/Bulimi-Kontakt.

Creative Team:
Martin Stadhammar, Creative Director, Grey Stockholm
Sigrun Yngvadottir, Client Service Director, TCB Stockholm
Oskar Bård, Director, Hobbyfilm

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Bravo - a shocking suprise like "the eyebrow" from Montana Meth Project. very nice.

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That is one of the best "Demos" I have ever seen of what obviously goes on in the mind of someone suffering from this problem. It's also the best example of whet I call "The Reveal." And it's not overlaid with bullshit the way it would be if done in the States. Very Swedish... Very un-Grey (That's Grey-US!)