Anti anorexia ad shows us what the anorexic see

Martin Stadhammar creative director at Grey Stockholm and Oskar Bård Director at Hobbyfilm in Stockholm got together and created a campaign for the national society called Anorexi/Bulimi-contact in hopes of raising aweness about the illness, and gathering donations to the Anorexi/Bulimi-contact soceity. (see inside)

The film shows the scene above, normal girl checks her face, thighs and arms with a dissaproving sigh in the mirror while the camera pans out to reveal the bony backside of an anorexic and her distorted view of herself. The commercial is currently being aired on MTV scandinavia.

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This looks uncannily like an execution the people at Clemenger BBDO, in Wellington NZ did for a poster / print ad a couple of years ago.
However, let's not have any 'premature Badlanding' on this until I've seen if I can get the guys at Clemenger to dig out the image file for it, and details of when / where they ran it.

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Since everyone knows that this is the problem, what those with eating disorders think they see, I wouldn't be surprised if we could find a few more with that execution. I'd like to see them side by side anyway - comparing art direction is fun. So say hi to the guys at Clemenger from me!

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I bet the brief said "they think they are fat".

A visual itteration of the literal.

Not groundbreaking or even good.

It's like working on bleach where the directive is:

"It makes things white".

Friggin duh, slow pitch. Next.

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What do they hope to do with this? Money donations to the society? Which they'll do what, exactly, with? I don't get it.

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I've seen this before for definite, so stealthman, I wouldn't be surprised if you're spot on with your badland reference. I believe that it was Clemenger BBDO that did this in 2005. I found a reference to this ad and the original, but can't find a copy of the original. :(

The ad above, well it was on Ads of the World back in Feb 2007, listed as Grey, Stockholm, so it's over a year old now. See the post

There's a TV ad too, also on Ads of the World, here

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Quick search came up with this brave attempt:

And Getty Images has at least three illustration treatments of the same idea.

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This "Anorexia Nervosa" image was painted by Dr Mohamed Osman in 2004.