ANZ Small Business - The Chase - (2009) 1:40 (AUSTRALIA)

ANZ Small Business launches a bold new campaign that is expected to stand out in its category, for its energy, humour and broad appeal. Created by M&C Saatchi, the TVC and a wider campaign are directed at the SME market and will also impact favourably on the ANZ brand at large. The stand-out campaign is part of ANZ’s customer strategy to deliver ‘more convenient banking’ for businesses. ANZ continues to expand specialist services to this segment.

The filmic quality of the commercial, directed by Paul Middleditch, (maker of the Carlton Draught Big Ad), makes it a memorable and watchable spot.

AGENCY: M&C Saatchi (Australia)

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That is one hell of a stunt job. Stunt city has been beat.

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Wow, white knuckle action in a commercial, with a payoff that ties it all together. Well done.

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I dig. Much better'n the businesspeople-shaking-hands dreck.

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WOW .... just WOW.