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Apple 'hello' iPhone ad a rip-off?

A sequence from Christian Marclay's 1995 film Telephones is a montage of actors in famous films answering the phone - and gee, so is that iPhone apple ad. Similarities first noted at artandcrafts blog. Coincidence? Apple contacted Marclay before creating the ad he says to Radar Online:

Marclay, who has not commented on the matter until now, confirms it was no coincidence. "They approached us [about using Telephones] and I said no, and then they just went ahead," he says. "The way they dealt with the whole thing is pretty sleazy."

APPLE - iPhone "Hello"

Check this video at 3:38 for the telephone sequence.

Apple has been in badland before, their Intel spot looks a lot like a music video from The postal Service, and Lugz wanted Apple to pull plug on Eminem iTunes ad.
[Via Kottke]

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remember that dude - len tukwila, driftwood artist? he was a character on SNL played by john malkovich. this guy is just like len.

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booooo fuckn' hoooo.

Cinema Paradiso did the edit a string of similar scenes together thing long before this idiot. We've seen it done many, many times over the years.

It's not much of an idea to begin with and most certainly not an ownable one. That's why they didn't need his permission for anything.

His claim is pointless, baseless, etc etc etc.

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What? You mean that wasn't John Malkovich doing the VO for this film ... film ... film ...?

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Ha! I had to look that one up since I hadn't seen it, but you're spot on.