Apple Intel spot (2006)

For those that hadn't already seen it, Apple have placed the new Intel spot from TBWA slash Chiat slash Day online. You can view it here

The voiceover sounds suspiciously like that of Kiefer 'The following takes place' Sutherland. As for the soundtrack, its Moby's (perhaps suitably) titled 'God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters .. or is that Wafer?

Ad agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

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heh, yeah that is Mr.24 isn't it?

How cocky it seemed, with that exchange of glances as if they saw huge things in the chips future. Didn't do much for me though.

Them again, I'm an AMD fan.

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Found this tidbit at

But Intel isn't chuckling, and maybe it's because the ad is a not so subtle slam on their last few decades of existence, and a straight out dissing of all their current partners in the PC world. Intel didn't even know what was going on with this ad, despite allowing it to be shot in their facilities, and saw it for the first time right before the keynote.
At least Intel is putting on a good face about it; Intel VP Deborah Conrad says that "it's probably a good thing that we didn't see them earlier."