Apple "Macbook Pro "Bulbs" (2016) 1:37 (USA)

Apple's not had the greatest year when it comes to product roll outs. First they upset everyone by getting rid of the headphone jack on iPhone 7, calling the move to insist everyone buy expensive wireless headphones "courageous." Now, after four years, instead of making the beloved Macbook Pro even more powerful, they've increased the size of the track pack, while adding a little touch bar at the top.

Despite the grandiosity of this spot, Apple is a bit late to the party here. No surprise, considering CEO Tim Cook once called customers who wanted such touchables on their laptops as being "confused." So Apple is playing catch-up to the PC world (not to mention non iOS worlds who continue to advance for cheaper prices) but you wouldn't know it from the advertising.

This spot depicts the move to include a touch bar as an invention along the lines of the lightbulb. And the wheel. And the plow. And discovery of gravity. And steam engines. And flight. And eyeglasses. And the telephone. And TV. And typewriter. And zipper. I looked but did not see sliced bread. Apple-- how could you miss this obvious invention.

I agree with the premise that ideas push the world forward, but as an ad, this is no different than Here's To The Crazy Ones where Apple tried to align itself with Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gandhi and the like, which I hope we can now see for the arrogance it was. Now, they are at least conceptually better suited by aligning themselves with actual inventions. It'll be up to the world to decide whether a touch bar on a laptop with a hefty increase in price tag is worthy of taking its place next to the light bulb, the wheel, the telephone and sliced bread. Which again, shoulda added it, Apple. Missed opportunity.

Client: Apple
Agency: Media Arts Lab

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Not a huge fan. I get it, lightbulbs symbolize ideas, lightbulbs a la dominos = propelling the world with ideas. Yeah that's a bit on the nose isn't it? Not only that, I immediately thought of two things, number one was this Brazilian ad popping balloons in the same fashion to the same song, and two that old joke I used to tell in kindergarden whenever I heard the William Tell Overture.

Q: What does the Lone Ranger say when he takes out the garbage?"
A: To the dump, to the dump, tothedumtothedumptothedumpdumpdump (sung to William Tell Overture)

But I guess like their "touchpad" idea, which is a bit late considering Surface now has a desktop with a screen so touchable the mouse turns into a knob that can turn your art around etc, even their ad ideas are nicked from somewhere else now.