Apple - One Night Shot on iPhone 7 - (2017) :60 (USA)

So the iPhone has no headphone jack, comes in matte black and has a this and a that and a blah blah blah. Sometimes talking about features is the most boring thing you can do, and interested consumers do actually look at product demonstrations.
But how do you make that sexy? And so sexy that those who weren't looking, will? Only Apple can do that.
They sent out iPhone 7's to photographers all around the world and told them to shoot at night. Twenty-two photographers in sixteen countries on six continents. One night.
This is one night on earth, seen from an iPhone 7 that can handle darker situations. There's everything from cityscapes in fog, portraits in neon to cave exploration and a light in the middle of a tundra. While others might be sleeping, people in South Africa are dancing, people in Hamburg are enjoying the carnival, someone is commuting in Russia. Same in Shanghai. There's laughter by the fire at a camp in the desert India, and children in Chicago are sneaking to the fridge. There are so many details in this, like the women behind the neon signs, suddenly one of them blinks in time to the music. The moon may wax and wane but so does the night, and it all comes together beautifully with the help of this amazing jazz tune that I am now obsessed with. Paul Arden was right, music is 90% of your commercial. It's the magic that holds it all together.

Ad Agency: Media Arts Lab / TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles
Music: "Snowfall" by Ahmad Jamal.

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