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Apple "Stroll" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

When Apple announced the iPhone 7 last year, it justified removing the headphone jack and forcing people to spend more money on wireless headphones as an act which took "courage," a lot of people were understandably upset. It's hard to see this as an act of courage, especially when they include an adapter so you can still use your earbuds. This move acknowledges the fact Apple knew we would be upset at its courageous move. With this little extra, iPhone 7 now has the dubious distinction as being Apple's most clunky iPhone yet. If you want to use the headphones you can, but not while charging your phone at the same time. Two thumbs up.
Regardless, Apple is forging on ahead, demonstrating the "practically magic," aspect to having wireless headphones, with Lil Buck dancing to his heart's content and defying gravity in the process.
The metaphor of freedom does work nicely and the spot is beautifully shot in black and white. It's a treat to watch Lil Buck do his thing.
What I can't get over is how familiar the concept is. This is indeed not the first time people have danced down the street in one magical fashion or another. A decade ago, Cingular (which became AT&T) celebrated a motorola phone with iTunes like this. They used the reflection and images again just one year later. He even stops the music to take a phone call, much the same way Lil Buck stops the music to look over his shoulder (presumably to marvel at what he just did.) Oh and let's not forget Levi's Crazy Legs spot which features a guy's improbable foot work as he walks through the streets. Those three came to mind after five minutes of thinking about it. I'm sure there are more.
So while this spot certainly looks neat and the music is an inspired choice, it's less "practically magic," and more "practically done before."

Client: Apple
Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab
Song: "Down," Marian Hill.

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