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Arla "International Cheese Anthem" (2017) 1:17 (Finland)

Arla’s, the largest dairy producer in Scandinavia, has got an obscene cheese anthem. What is that, you ask? I don't know except that it is strange and awesome and ready made for sharing on the socials.

Advertised brand: Arla Family Cheeses
Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Production company: 358 Motion
Agency website: http://358.fi
Drector: Antti Nikunen
Editor: Antti Nikunen
Post: Oscar Böckerman
Graphics: Risto Haapiainen
Art Director: Antero Jokinen
Copywriter: Juhani Ylitalo
Producer: Jenny Nyman
Music Porduction: Humina
Photographer: Antti Nikunen
DAdditional credits: Kimmo Tupala, Oscar Böckerman, Risto Haapiainen, Humina
Published: September, 2017
Agency Twitter account: @358helsinki

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