Arla "Kenny" (2017) 3:00 (UK)

Comedian Nick Helm meets up with stuntman Kenny, to find out why he gets up so early in the morning. Kenny takes him running and then training and we go through a series of British fat guy jokes. Then they start riffing on what it's like to get up in the morning and why it's so important or something. Unlike one of the others in this content series starring dairy farmer Barbara this has zero to do with Arla. Conceptually the thread gets a little loose here, too, as we've gone from Eating Morning For Breakfast to passion and dedication to training for stunts. And while the piece is engaging, even charming, it's as if somehow the product or the brand got completely lost.

Creative Agency: : Creature
Creative Director: : Stuart Outhwaite / Ben Middleton
Creative: : Dan Ball / Joe Stone
Account Director: : Angus Campbell Golding / Jane Stephenson
Account Manager: : Dwayne Rapley
Strategist: : Jack Swain
TV Producer: : Madeline Smith
Film Production: : Firecracker
Director: : Joe Roberts
Producer: : Bobby Bray
Production Manager: : Sarai Carson
Executive Producer: : Claire Finn
Cinematography: : Job Kraaijeveld
Editor: : Phil Currie @ Stitch
Post Production: : Unit
Colourist: : Scott Harris / Adrian Thomas @ Unit
Music: : Audio Networks

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