Arla "Rex" (2017) 3:00 (UK)

British comedian Nick Helms is setting out to see whether there's anything to this whole getting up in the morning thing, vs sleeping in late and keeping stand up comedian's hours. We've seen him talk to a stunt man and perhaps more conceptually relevant, a dairy farmer. And now this time he's talking to Rex, a Chelsea fishmonger. Here, Rex talks about his love of empty streets and unobstructed views as he goes to Billingsgate Fish Market. After a quick cuppa, they head back to Chelsea where they unload the truck and get out the fish. At one point Nick attempts to fillet a salmon and asks "Do you ever get so tired that you cut a finger off?" The moral of the story is, if you love what you do then it's no big deal getting up early in the morning. I don't even remember seeing an Arla product in this particular piece of content so I'm not really sure what Arla has to do with owning the morning,. But it's funny enough even at three minutes long. Although the conger eel joke doesn't really get any funnier I like randomness as much as anyone, but I still think the dairy farmer worked the best as it related the most to the product. And as entertaining as Rex is, if they had gone with a baker at least there would have been a natural tie-in to the product without it being forced. Still, it's probably the first piece of content this long where I haven't thought it could have been strengthened by a taking the knife to it. So there's that.

Creative Agency: : Creature
Creative Director: : Stuart Outhwaite / Ben Middleton
Creative: : Dan Ball / Joe Stone
Account Director: : Angus Campbell Golding / Jane Stephenson
Account Manager: : Dwayne Rapley
Strategist: : Jack Swain
TV Producer: : Madeline Smith
Film Production: : Firecracker
Director: : Joe Roberts
Producer: : Bobby Bray
Production Manager: : Sarai Carson
Executive Producer: : Claire Finn
Cinematography: : Job Kraaijeveld
Editor: : Phil Currie @ Stitch
Post Production: : Unit
Colourist: : Scott Harris / Adrian Thomas @ Unit
Music: : Audio Networks

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