Armani in trouble over ad that "sexualized children"

Don't try and look as cool as the Hanson boys if you're an androgynous fella with long hair under the age of ten. A magazine advert for Armani has been withdrawn after it received 74 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and 10 complaints to the The Times magazine supplement that ran the ad.

The complaints said that the ad "sexualised children" was "offensive" and "exploitative", while others said the ad "could encourage paedophiles".
Armani knows that the model is male, but the the ASA argued gender was ambiguous and the ad "drew attention to the child's sexuality". Armani has agreed to withdraw the ad and won't run it again in the UK.

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Didn't Michael Jackson art direct this one?

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Yes and Michael Jackson's comment was "M-m-m-bop!"

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Here at there's a full image of the ad with the beachbum boy.