Art Directors Club 85th call for entries

Desire a shiny ADC Cube? The Art Director's Club has opened their call for entries for the 85th annual awards. A call for entry poster was created by Ernest Lupinacci and J.P. Richardson of Anomaly, NY and photographed by James Bareham.

Lupinacci was asked by print critic about the theme of the poster.

"Around the time we took this brief," he explains, "it was reported that McDonald's was negotiating with rappers to name-check the Big Mac in their songs. This resonated with us, since it was clearly an example of a very mainstream marketer attempting to solve their brand's problems in a very nontraditional way. In a sense, they were figuratively asking, in the spirit of Pimp My Ride, for someone to help 'pimp my brand' — to not just burnish its image but to completely take it to another level. In addition, the fact that the client wasn't asking their agency to help was also relevant. More and more, it seems that clients are asking for solutions that they don't think their traditional marketing partners can provide. So the image of the most recognized corporate spokesman in the world, tweaked superficially and stereotypically in an effort to make him seem hipper, is meant to be a commentary about the intense demands and pressures put on clients as they strive to communicate with and stay relevant to their audience — and the pitfalls of what can happen when you don't get it right."
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Perhaps I am overly sensitive, even squeamish, when it comes to using racial and ethnic stereotypes in design projects. Yet it strikes me that the current Art Directors Club call for entries is toeing a thin line to make a humorous point. In a desire to tap into popular black culture to make ironic commentary about branding, the piece has slid into an offensive place. Even given the tenuous conceptual connection between the prestigious ADC gold medal, hip-hop
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Master of Ceremonies Donald looks peeved.

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ive puked better concepts than this...

ive shitted better art direction

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Auuugh my eyes!
I get it, it's pimpy, but oi is it also quite busy indeedy.

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So...this is meant to be satire? By dropping to this level, albiet in mockery, aren't you still putting this crap out there? How many that see this are actually going to think this is a statement about the shallow stereotypes agencies use to reach "diverse" demos? Or the bandwagons jumped a little late? It's sad, but because of so many similar camapigns meant to be taken seriously, I nearly missed the irony.

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makes me want to squint when looking at it - bit naff overrall, old ronald mcdonald's missing a great big chunky blingin' medallion of a hamburger around his neck, no?!!

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Jesus Christ that looks fucking ridiculous.