Art Directors Club 86th call for entries poster causes catfights online

Caffeinegoddess posted the ADC 86th call for entries / end is nigh poster back in November and few raised an eyebrow. Not like last years pimped-Mc-bling poster where commenters here said "I've puked better concepts than this" as soon as the post went up. People seemed mainly offended at the visual barrage of ugly, mind you.
But fear not, all in due time, and now that people outside of the adworld have spotted the contemporary religious painter and devout christian Norbert Kox stoner-style poster for the Art Directors Club everyone is taking a second look.

This year, it seems ADC's tactic of shockingly 'bad' art and sarcasm in print might have paid off in the 'Buzz=free PR' department - everyone's now yapping about that "end is nigh" poster, AdAge even linked to little green footballs when commenting on it. Seriously. Be A Design Group posts on the controversial ADC poster wondering what exactly the ADC is attempting to say with this poster. (more inside)

On the other side of the fence is IdeasonIdeas who defend the ADC with the post "In defense of the ADC".

Comments like, "this just sucks" simply weaken the level of discourse amongst designers.
Besides, flaming horses and swords are funny.

Wanna see the poster bigger? Click image. Ta.

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