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Ashley Madison uses Hilary Clinton for their "discreet dating" billboard

Ashley Madison is a dating service, aiming to "spice up" peoples married life with discreet affairs. Using Hillary Clinton, whose husband famously had affairs (and was accused of raping nearly half a dozen women) as their poster child may be tasteless, but it's getting attention. "Harder Choices... Lead to Ashley Madison.com." reads the headline, giving a nod to Hillary Clinton's book "Hard Choices". The sketch of Hillary is meant to attract women, who may not come around so easily to the idea of having an affair (via a dating site) than men would.

Call me old fashioned, but if you're going to be sleeping with other people, how about don't take that vow of monogamy?

Sam Chapman, CEO of a public relations firm sums it up as a tasteless ad for a tasteless company to Fox LA, and added:

It’s a tough choice to cheat and therefore joining Ashley Madison.com is even a harder choice than some of the choices she had to make over Benghazi, or whatever difficult choices she had to make....

Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman says that his goal is to even out the playing field in the battle of the sexes;

Men have always had the playgrounds to pursue infidelity, strip clubs, massage parlors - that do more than massage - even escorts in Illinois and women haven't had those elements until the internet.

The question is how legal an "artist's impression" of Hillary Clinton's likeness is, in the state of California, when used in an ad. I'm no lawyer, but I think they just may have opened themselves up for a lot of trouble. Hey, Mrs Clinton might even sue for damages, just to alleviate some of her financial woes.

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