Ask Siri who the President of Israel is, and you'll get an anti-Semitic answer

Just tonight, I saw a Tweet come across my feed that seemed so incredibly stupid, I assumed it was a meme. Asof January 18th, 2020, if you ask Siri who the President of Israel is, the answer she spits out sounds like it was written by Hamas, or a woke college student which is basically one in the same group now. "Reuven Rivlin is the President of the Zionist occupation state."

This is my screen shot.

Yes, that's right. The nation of Israel which in the eyes of the rest of the world has been around since May 14th, 1948, first recognized in America by President Truman, and as of 2019 has 162 UN member states recognizing it as a state of is, apparently a Zionist occupation state.    

Unsurprisingly, Siri's answer has a few people upset.

With the Jewish community in America and abroad threatened by growing anti-Semitism, this is a needlessly divisive provocation. However, it isn't exactly Apple to blame for it but one user who changed a Wikimedia commons answer that Siri linked to. That's right. One user.


Regardless of your thoughts on Israel, this should alarm everyone. The internet was meant to be decentralized, not centralized. The fact that one user on Wikipedia can change the answer to a question that then potentially appears on tens of millions of iPhones is "Black Mirror" levels of totalitarianism. And if it happened with this answer, what other bits of misinformation are we carrying around in our pockets?

At the time of publication, in response to public outrage, they have managed to change this back to normal.

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